Celebrity Stalking


The client, an internationally popular recording artist, became the target of an obsession by a fan that developed into threatening messages and a campaign to destroy the artist's reputation online. The client needed to confirm the identity of the perpetrator, gather evidence of the threats to obtain a restraining order and limit the damage to their reputation by removing the abusive material or reducing it’s visibility. The identity of the stalker was confirmed through online investigation and link analysis, and the relevant evidence collated in a format that could be presented in court. Finally, the offensive and threatening material was removed from social media sites and message forums and positive content successfully optimized to neutralize any remaining negative sentiment.

Confidential Data Leak


A multi-national petrochemical firm discovered that confidential corporate information had been leaked to a competitor over an 18 month period, leading to significant financial loss for the company. The client hired Human-i to ascertain the source of the leak and provide evidence for possible prosecution. Working closely with the internal IT security team a huge quantity of data was made available for analysis, and along with social media investigation and social engineering techniques, the internal source of the leak was uncovered and an evidence package prepared for prosecution.

Intimate Partner Abuse


The victim had recently separated from her husband and found herself subject to a persistent campaign of emotional and psychological abuse by her former partner, including spying software installed on her devices and those of her children; interception of her emails, and fake social media accounts set up in her name containing intimate photographs. Human-i worked with a digital forensics firm to identify and remove the spying software and return control of all email and social media accounts to the client. The fake social media accounts were removed and the client’s online privacy and security bolstered. Investigators gathered evidence of harassment and stalking and produced a comprehensive package for law enforcement.

Workplace Harassment


A female working within the banking industry relocated to a new division and immediately became subject of sexual harassment via her corporate email account. This escalated to derogatory and demeaning social media postings and letters mailed to family members. The case was complicated by strong racial overtones that were intensely offensive and threatening to the victim. Human-i investigators partnered with a forensic psychologist to conduct a threat assessment to determine the level of risk to the victim and the urgency of the case. Extensive online investigation was conducted and a linguistics expert assisted in confirming the identity of the perpetrator and links between all forms of communication. The perpetrator was criminally charged with harassment and uttering threats and was dismissed from the company.

Human Trafficking


A 15 year old female was befriended by an individual that she believed to be a boy who had been at a concert she had recently attended, using a popular social media app. The victim chatted with the boy using the app for several weeks and the relationship developed into “sexting” during which the perpetrator persuaded the female to send him a series of intimate photographs. After several weeks, the female agreed to meet the perpetrator, who had told the victim he was 21 years old, in a nearby city. Upon meeting at a motel, the female discovered the male was in his 40’s and he sexually assaulted her. He told her she was not allowed to go home and she was going to be taken to a different part of the country where she would work for him as an escort. The perpetrator threatened to expose the photographs of the victim and her friends online if she tried to leave. Fortunately, the girl was able to escape and the perpetrator was identified via the app and social media profiling.

Background Checking


Human-i conducts comprehensive background checks and profiling of recruits on behalf of a number of law enforcement and security clients. Additionally, several global Fortune 500 clients have utilized the services of Human-i to assist their human resources departments in conducting online social media checks, prepare hiring packages and determine employee suitability based on corporate culture, competitive intelligence and social media profiling.

Radicalization Threat Assessment


A university police department requested Human-i conduct an online threat assessment in partnership with a forensic psychologist to determine if a student was at risk of online radicalization. The student, who had been released from prison on license, was showing violent and erratic behaviour, had lost his job, been evicted from his apartment and had been excluded from his place of worship for increasingly hateful and violent outbursts. A number of videos were located online that appeared to show the student’s descent into mental illness and a number of social media postings were found that linked the student to radical religious ideology. The psychologist worked with Human-i to conduct a threat assessment and determined that the individual may be suffering from psychotic episodes. Following an on-campus assault during the investigation, the student was charged and returned to prison.

Geographic Profiling & OSINT


The client, a law enforcement agency, was experiencing a rash of animal dismemberments across a large city, accompanied by a a graffiti tag at each scene. Using online reverse image search techniques, the tag was identified and located on a blog that discussed the killings and fantasized about an escalation of violence. The available online data was analyzed and narrowed to a number of possible identities. A geographic profile was created that pinpointed a probable location for the perpetrator which was then compared to geographic locations of the possible suspects. Using geo-location techniques, a further offence was identified which confirmed the identity of the perpetrator based on geographic and digital data. The perpetrator was arrested and charged.

*some details have been altered to protect client confidentiality