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Internet Investigation

If the information you’re looking for exists online, we can help you find it. Data buried in the deep or dark web can be almost impossible to trace without the right combination of skill set, tool set and mind set to uncover hidden links, non-obvious relationships and verifiable personal identities. Information and data sources undergo critical evaluation, analysis and if required, stringent chain of evidence procedures. Our licensed and security cleared investigators are creative, tenacious and objective and can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure the outcome of the investigation meets your needs and expectations.

[ Criminal / Corporate / Personal / Legal / Financial ]

Online profiling, profiler, social media, monitoring
Online Profiling

Gaining insight into the personality, motivations, associations or location of an individual is a key advantage in business negotiations, criminal investigations and workplace management. With an abundance of publicly available information accessible from a range of online platforms; behavioural and personality profiling, and social network mapping, carried out by experienced, knowledgeable practitioners can provide a competitive edge or an essential investigative lead. Talk to our highly trained profilers about gaining a psychological or tactical advantage.

[ Behavioural / Personality / Criminal / Geographic / Social Network Mapping ]

threat assessment, risk, violence
Threat Assessment

From workplace violence to lone actor terrorists, individuals or groups intent on causing fear or harm often leave a trail of intent or warning behaviours online. Analyzing online behaviour, locations and associations can provide early warning of radicalization, a decline in mental or emotional control, an increase in hostility, and alignment with groups or organizations that provide support or encouragement towards a threatening course of action. Human-i offers a genuinely unique approach to online threat assessment and management, and violence risk assessment, in collaboration with recognized global experts in this field.

 [ Online Radicalization / Trolling & Harassment / Profile De-Anonymization ]

reputation management, high net worth, actors, artists, models, CEO, celebrity
Reputation Management

Our personal and professional reputation is more than just an outward measure of success, it forms the basis of our self-esteem, our family, our career and our social life. When our reputation, our behaviour or our identity is called into question, it creates an environment of suspicion and fear, and an overall feeling of a lack of safety. We can protect, preserve or restore your online reputation, and identify and isolate the cause of the disruption, enabling you to return to a life free of fear and shame.

[ Profile Restructuring / Damage Control / Social Network Security ]

cyber stalking, harassment, sextortion, online, ransomware, socia engineering
Cyber Stalking

Due to almost ubiquitous global internet use this insidious technical phenomenon transcends geographic boundaries and brings terror into the home, workplace and pocket of the victim. Trolling, stalking, harassment and threats create a situation in which the victim’s own computer or device becomes an inescapable object of daily suffering and anxiety. Our network of cyber-psychologists, forensics experts, investigators and surveillance operatives will work with you to end the harassment and prevent recurrence, restoring peace and security to your life.

[ Technical Ops Planning / Training / Communications / Project Management ]

covert operations, undecover, spy, counter surveillance, protection, espionage, kidnap & ransom
Covert Operations

Our focus during any investigation is your privacy and security, the integrity of the evidence, the respect of your corporate culture, and your personal reputation. Our unique experience in the arena of covert physical and technical investigations means we can guarantee your anonymity, as well as our own, as we gather information and conduct our investigation. We use encrypted communications equipment and ethical and proportionate tradecraft for undercover and covert operations to deliver the industry’s best online investigation service. Investigations of this nature must be discussed and agreed upon in person.

[ Online Legends / Backstopping / Infiltration / Resilience Testing ]